Outdoor Basement Entrances

One of the most unattractive yet easy to remedy parts of your home is the outdoor entrance to your basement. Often neglected the stairway and walls can become cracked, broken, drain poorly and be unsafe to climb up and down. In addition, the full integrity of your foundation can be placed in jeopardy if your outdoor aggress is in poor condition. Not only will repairs or a total rebuild we can also turn your Bilco doors into a regular basement entrance bringing you peace of mind transforming an eyesore into a beautiful new part of your home that will enhance the look of your property.

When you renovate your outdoor basement entry walls and steps, Long Hill Masonry will work with you to assure that a plan is conceived that that will compliment the design of your home to add new beauty and value to your property.

Long Hill Masonry offers a variety of materials from concrete to brick to make sure your basement entryway provides excellent drainage, is water sealed, as well as being attractive and safe. When you remodel your basement why not also consider updating your outdoor entry and stairway? For functionality, beauty and safety trust Long Hill Masonry.