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Paving Stones and Concrete Driveways by Long Island Driveway Paving Company


Long Hill Masonry designs and constructs driveways for homeowners across Suffolk County on Long Island.  Our experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction spans over 30 years.  It is incredibly important not to neglect, or ignore the appearance of your driveway.  A driveway constructed with pavers has the ability to increase the curb appeal, as well as the value of your home!  Not only do paving stone driveways look beautiful, but they are also more durable than your standard asphalt, or concrete driveway.  Long Hill Masonry handles every step of the process for constructing your driveway.  Our team of experts handles excavating new driveway areas, removing old driveways and laying down new driveway materials.


Driveway Excavation
Driveway excavated by Long Hill Masonry.

Driveway Durability

Paving Stone driveways are incredibly durable to traffic, sunlight, ice, snow and other conditions.  Driveways constructed with Paving Stones can last 25-50 years, which is much longer than the typical service period of an asphalt driveway that only lasts 12-20 years.  Due to the smaller surface areas of individual paving stones, they are less likely than large concrete slabs to crack.  Unlike concrete slab surfaces, individual paving stones can easily be replaced if needed.  An additional benefit to paving stones is that the surface becomes stronger as time goes by and stones settle.


Driveway Design Options

The driveway paving professionals at Long Hill Masonry will work with you to create a beautiful new driveway and driveway apron, laying pavers in unique patterns to suit your taste and needs.  Paving stones come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Our craftsmen are skilled to assist you in choosing the style, layout, and design that will best please you.  Additionally, Long Hill Masonry can build beautiful hardscape design features such as brick or stone walls and pillars around entry gates as a means to incorporate lighting at your driveway entrance.  These beautiful, classic touches can really make a house feel like a forever home.


Driveway Excavation
Driveway excavated and ready to receive new paver material.

If paving stones are not what you are looking for, or maybe you’re picturing a driveway apron constructed with stone and a concrete driveway, we also install concrete driveways.  Whatever your choice, the beautiful and lasting driveway paving job done by Long Hill Masonry will no doubt leave you satisfied for many years to come!


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