Basement Waterproofing

Foundation Leak Repair Services
in Suffolk County

  • Repair foundation leaks
  • Waterproof foundation sealing
  • Regrading
  • Drainage system installation and repair

For decades, Long Hill Masonry has provided Long Island homeowners with top quality foundation leak repair services and other masonry services.  Basement leaks can often be avoided if you notice that your yard is pitching to your foundation.  You may notice this over time, as water flows towards your house, slowly pitching your yard to create opportunity for water to seep in to your basement or foundation.  In this case, the experts at Long Hill Masonry utilize a small backhoe and other professional excavation equipment in order to re-pitch the yard surrounding your foundation, so that water no longer flows towards the foundation.

If you are already experiencing water in your basement, or a wet foundation, there may a foundation leak to blame.  The excavation process will reveal where any foundation cracks are located and they will be fixed with concrete prior to the waterproofing process.

Project Excavation
Excavation and foundation leak repair in progress.

Upon completion of excavation and crack repairs, the basement waterproofing process begins.  The experts at Long Hill Masonry utilize a waterproof tar based sealant on the foundation to ensure that your basement remains dry for decades to come.  Once the foundation crack or vulnerability has been repaired, the excavated site will be backfilled and properly graded.

The team at Long Hill Masonry is also equipped to install exterior drainage systems or reroute existing gutter systems and downpipes to divert water properly away from a foundation.  If needed, dry wells are an additional system that can be installed to manage flooding around your house and yard during periods of heavy rain.

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